About Us

Guangzhou JLONvision established in 2018, (predecessor was founded in 2005 named Guangzhou Webviews Digital Technology Co., LTD.) JLONvision is a comprehensive high and new technology enterprise which is engaged in researching , developing, manufacturing and selling IPTV/network interactive TV terminal set-top box and head end encoder. The company has a strong technical research and development team and has rich technical development & innovation ability. It has established wide technical cooperation relations with Texas Instruments,Atem,Sigma,Huawei, Rockchip etc chip-sets manufacturers in the world, which enables us to keep track of the latest technology and put its newest technologies into product research and development.

In 2002, WEBVIEWS firstly promoted MPEG-4 video hardware encoder in china. The birth of streaming products with domestic brand and foreign technologies has accelerated the development pace of streaming media reform in China and these products are widely used in IPTV (Internet TV) field. Webviews stands on the front-line of Chinese video field; sticks to use technology to lead the market; uses service to thank customers in return; provides customers with the newest products and solution which are of industry standard to the largest degree, such as H. 264 HD IPTV set-top box NowBox-HD34,NowBox-HD54, NowStream h.264 video and audio hardware encoders, NowCaster live & VOD distribution platform, IP video conference SVC series capture card and etc.

JLONvision has established wide technical cooperation and product cooperation with many well-known developers in telecommunications at home and abroad. We have many loyal customers in government, communications, broadcasting, education, health care and other industries. The following are our customers or partners:Telecom, China Netcom, the State Council General Office, Gansu Province, the IRS , Jilin Meteorological Bureau, Guangzhou TV, TV Chengde Hebei Province, Zhejiang Tonglu TV, Zhejiang County television station, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Procuratorate, Jiangxi Daily, Dongshan District, Guangzhou Education Bureau, Fujian Department of Education, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University, Southern Medical University, South China Normal University, Hubei University, Jilin University, Zhejiang University, Wuyi University, Guangdong and etc. In the meantime, JLONvison has also established agent and distribution channels with reasonable mechanism and has products agents and distributors throughout china to make the product service more comfortable.

JLONvision is committed to build a high-level, professional technical knowledge structure platform; gathers people who are talented in R&D, technology or services; stands on the front-line of Chinese video industry with innovative R&D ability; strives to be a pioneer with exquisite technologies. Its 80% of sales engineers, technical engineers and R&D staff are from various universities. These staff together with senior sales engineers, professional channel sale engineers and rigorous administrators form a company team with challenging and hard-working spirits. Enterprise depends on team to develop; team depends on service to exist, this is our business philosophy for rapidly developing in streaming media field.