High quality, low latency streams

In terms of the live streaming workflow, the overall plan is driven by court head A – live scene information source, media control center – camera switching, and the live stream encoded by JLONvision’s ENC2 codec is pushed to the servers of major media platforms for live broadcasting of the court.Using JLONvision’s ENC2 video encoder and decoder, as well as live streaming technology, ENC2 H265 encoders are capable of delivering low-latency, reliable data streams from court headquarters to court halls or social media platforms over public Internet connections.

Flexible and cost-effective

Internet-based video transport offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative for sending video used in remote workflows and news gathering to broadcast centers. JLONvision’s encoders and decoders are used by broadcasters globally to send high quality, low latency streams to production centers using any type of network, including LTE wireless, public internet and satellite links affected by weather.

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