Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening System The artificial intelligence camera can detect a fever caused by a COVID-19 virus

Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening System JV300 are applied to mass fever screening in crowded public places, which help to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the virus through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. JV300 combines advanced technology such as thermography human body temperature measurement algorithm and AI intelligent face recognition to make the equipment accurate and easy to use.

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JV300 thermal Imaging Temperature Screening System is a dual-spectrum body temperature monitoring and alarm system developed for the outbreak of COVID-19.The system integrates high-precision infrared thermal image temperature measurement and accurate face recognition technology, which can quickly detect pedestrians with abnormal body temperature and trigger attention alarm in orderly channels of medium flow scenarios (such as communities, hospitals, enterprises, schools, supermarkets, etc.), providing strong support for the rapid spread of anti-virus.

Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening System Core parameter

· It is used UFPA 160*120 pixels detector and digital signal transmission, keeps delivering razor-sharp thermal imaging video and visual video

· Highly accurate temperature measurement (±0.3°C)

· Temperature screening improved by 800%

· Safe and contactless measurement at a 2-meter distance

· Multiple targets (up to 30) detected simultaneously

· Intelligent face recognition with 95% accuracy

· Temperature measuring efficiency is 500 people per minute

· The alarm response time is 0.5s

· Immediate mobile/desktop alerts to make informed decisions

· Monthly, weekly, and daily reports

Thermal imaging temperature screening system applications

The artificial intelligence camera can help public and private organizations across industries to ensure their working environment is safe. Employ a proactive approach to make informed decisions on time to protect the community and your business processes.






1.Temperature Screening and Warning System is an efficient and accurate temperature measuring device which combines AI face recognition and thermal imaging technology.

2.Dual vision network camera, make the Visible light and thermal imaging field of the same.

3.High precision of thermal imaging, precision≤0.3 °C. Automatic temperature correction, Eliminate temperature drift completely, Stable and reliable work all year round.

4.Real-time temperature measuring, multi-target simultaneously dynamic measurement, response time is less than 1 second, and 20~30 dynamic targets are measured at the same time. Realize the dynamic detection of the crowd, eliminate the missed detection, and the temperature measurement speed is the highest standard in human body temperature measurement industry.

5. 1.5—3M long-distance Non-contact Multi-person flow senseless rapid temperature measurement, no need to pass one by one, high efficiency, avoid cross infection, avoid anxiety.

6.Intelligent alarm and locating, sound and light alarm, rapid screening and tracking of abnormal body temperature.

7.The product can only measure the temperature of human body accurately, and the face temperature (such as hot water cup, warm treasure, cigarette end, etc.) will not be measured. Some competing products will misreport about the hot water cup and other hot objects in the picture.

8.Intelligent human body temperature measurement, adopted the double spectra imaging technology , the temperature information is superimposed in the visible picture, the green is normal, and the red is over temperature.The picture is intuitive and friendly. Support voice broadcast to directly report body temperature and identity information (turn on the face recognition function).Support voice broadcast to directly report body temperature and identity information (face recognition function is turned on),intuitive and rapid judgment.

9.The alarm threshold of the product can be set intelligently, 17 kinds of thermal imaging colors can be selected, and the early warning alarm and interface modes are various, which can be selected according to the actual application.

Technical Specification Table

Product Parameter
Infrared chip

Sensor type VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays

Thermal resolution 160×120(default output is 320×240)

Like yuan spacing 17μm

Spectral region 8 to 14μm

Detector frame frequency 50Hz

Infrared camera