Company annual meeting is an important information to promote the enterprise culture, then it on site activities to achieve high quality and low latency audio broadcast flow is important, then we need a professional head end system. With the advent of the 5 g, ENC 2 Pro Encoder provides the h. 265 4k 60 FPS will be popular, because the network speed is no longer a problem,It pushes the live streaming of activities to rich media platforms such as facebook,youtube,wowza, etc. Of course,you can also set up your own multimedia live and on-demand platform. This scheme makes the information flow of the enterprise more close to the development of The Times and gives employees a stage of their own.

Remote live streaming transmission of multinational corporations and the implementation of the company’s internal broadcast program

Company executives such as CEO need to broadcast on radio and dynamic real-time sales this year, all employees so as to realize the role of incentive or memorial day. In order to achieve stable economic live video stream, we need to configure their live a ENC2 HEVC encoder hardware, remote configuration a live server, then achieve LAN multicast through it, so the staff inside the company just visited a local area network (LAN) live streams, so as to realize the economical resources and low latency and high quality will broadcast live stream.