How to refresh the system

1. Ask technical support for the latest system package.
2. Prepare a USB flash disk, formatted as FAT32, with a single partition (the USB flash disk that has made the system installation disk may have a hidden boot partition, which needs to be repartitioned).
3. Unpack the system installation package to the root directory of the U disk.
4. When the encoder is in power off state, insert the U disk into the ENcoder’S USB port.
5. Press and hold the ‘DEF’ key of the encoder (toothpick required) to connect the encoder power.
6. Until you see the OLED screens ‘UPDATING’ or HDMI being ‘system UPDATING’ loosen the DEF key,Wait for the system refresh (LOGO appears on OLED screen or LOGO appears on HDMI).
7. After refreshing the system, the default IP address will be restored. After entering the system, you need to set the corresponding model, manually visit http://IP/fac.php, select and switch your corresponding model, and restart after switching.