Live Broadcast On Demand Platform Nowview IPTV and hotel tv system or hospitality TV system

Nowcaster Pro is a set of live release platform running on Linux platform. In the whole system,it provides video streaming link URL of live video for users end,supports B/S structure management ,supports door -chain function.


IPTV overall solution design diagram

Platform system introduction

  • Nowcaster Pro is a set of live release platform running on Linux platform. In the whole system ,it provides video streaming link URL of live video for users end, supports B/S structure management ,supports door -chain function.
  • NowVOD is a set of VOD release platform running on Linux platform, it provides video streaming link URL of VOD  for clients. NowVOD supports load balance,realizes resources distribution for multiple media storage servers cluster , supports the B/S structure management, supports door chain function.
  • Nowview is operation and management platform, including customer account management, EPG, page management, billing management, role authorization management, statistical analysis for using and etc.. A Nowview server can manage a cluster of Nowcaster or NowVOD
  • Establishment of Management platform and distributing Distributing server can include live (Nowcaster Pro) and VOD (NowVOD ) server .The content sources URL  of distributing server is created and stored in a management server which is installed with Nowview management server.
  • EPG page formation. Administrators can classify the content sources URL through Nowview and can easily and simply create EPG page by directly using EPG model provided by Nowview.
  • Account generation .In order to manage the user’s access authority, Nowview has strong and reliable database function ,which  lets administrators add or delete clients’ accounts. Only legal account can be allowed  to log in and browse EPG page to understand the program contents provided by operators.
  • Request and feedback. With URL, EPG page and account , every connection from client is a procedure of request and feedback .Request  is from the client end , Nowview feedbacks the corresponding URL address to client end after auditing its legitimacy ,letting client directly connect to distributing server for watching tv.

NOWCASTER PRO Live release platform

  • LINUX Operation System
  • Supports RTSP,MMSH,HTTP and UDP streaming media agreement and etc.
  • Supports AVI,MKV,WMV,TS,FLV,MP4 packing formats and etc.
  • B/S structure control management mode
  • Single server more than 2000 concurrents data
  • Door Chain, anti-download function
  • Intelligent operating system and platform installation modes
  • Remote authorized
  • Flexible expansion
  • Supports UDP streams input mode, reduces the investment of equipment acquisition coding

NOWVOD VOD Release platform

  • LINUX Operation System
  • Supports RTSP , HTTP and other streaming media internet protocols .
  • RTSP supports TS container format
  • HTTP supports all file container formats
  • B/S structure control management mode
  • Load balance
  • Door Chain, anti-download function
  • Intelligent operating system with platform installation mode
  • Remote authorization
  • Flexible expansion

NOWVIEW Technical characteristics

  • B/S structure based on mature technology framework,more stable and more efficient
  • Makes full use of Ajax, JQuery, HTML5, CSS4 and other new technologies, provides a better user interactive experience .
  • It has strong performance and runs stably by applying huge  distributed database technology.
  • Deletes fault at single point,automatically achieves hot switching when fault appears.
  • powerful supporting performance with danamic intelligent CDN distribution and load balance engine.
  • Highly-efficient CMS (content management system) engine supports EPG clusters
  • Supports x64, multi-key CPU hardware system structure,improves the service-providing ability of single server to the largest degree,improves utilization rate of hardware sources.
  • Door chain and preventing download: VOD at client end, authentication for twice.
  • CDN content distribution and load balance system: distribution and balance of intelligent program files
  • Operation management: fully supports content providers and virtual operators
  • Limit of authority management: strict ,careful and multilevel authority management
  • Server management: server property management, domain group management, online monitoring .
  • Front webpage:customize CMS content distribution system for users .
  • Program management: channel, columns, creation and maintenance for programs, program distribution, program list and etc..
  • User management: administrator’s limit of authority management, common user’s limit of authority management, relevant information management
  • Billing account management: real-time checkout system for users consumption, supports defined billing strategy and discount strategy
  • Statistics form: statistical analysis on VOD times and program charges.
  • Daily record system: records the operation of administrators and the users
  • Advertising management: manages the released advertisement strategically.

Application Range

  • Digital TV Broadcasting System / IPTV & OTT system / Internet TV / Digital Signage Project / Remote Video Conference
    Video Monitoring / Live Streaming / Digital TV Broadcasting System / Digital TV Programs Transmission
    Hotel IPTV System / Head-end system of Digital TV branch network / CATV Broadcasting system
    Edge side of Digital TV backbone network
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