2022-11-16(Restorer system)

Added the online detection and upgrade function
Added firmware online search function
rtsp output stream, added the account password authentication function
The USB flash drive assistant function is added under the extension function
Compatible with video stream decoding including B frames
Fixed Abnormal network status when using wifi NIC
Optimize the function of the intercom
H5 player page added h265 encoding playback support (Playing h265 encoding video streams requires high performance on the computer, in case of playback lag, please replace the computer with a better performance)
ENC1, ENC1V2, and ENC1 Plus models support wifi6 NIC 2.0

2022-07-05(Restorer system)

Fix the audio collection exception when the USB camera is used and the system restarts the device.
After the USB camera is inserted and removed, the USB camera audio cannot be collected
Increase of Encoder program file handles caused by optimizing invalid SRT streams
Fixed custom layout manager loading exception
Added HTTP API interfaces to all models and optimized HTTP API URL matching rules
Change the login box to horizontal and vertical center, remove the fill color when the input box automatically fills in the password
Fix the fault that multiple network adapters fail to obtain the network status
The intercom function of ENC1, ENC1V2 and ENC1Plus models is changed to speak by pressing the button
Fixed an issue with group setting secondary flow

2022-04-24(Restorer system)

Upgrade NDI5(for NDI4 users who have purchased authorization, you need to contact customer service to change the authorization code)
Added the HTTP-API interface

2021-11-01(Restorer system)

Support for WiFI6 (based on RTL8852AU, reference product: COMFAST_957AX)

–The system version is 20211020

2021-09-27(Restorer system)

The system has built-in SLS service
Add the streamID property to the SRT output of the output Settings page
Perfect NTP time synchronization
Optimize audio and video synchronization
Resolve possible conflicts between remote access and SRT
Resolve the problem of abnormally high CPU usage in certain cases
Fixed the display of web themes

2021-01-23(Restorer system)

Enc1-v2 adds remote control operation support
Entini improves stability
Optimize the file recording interface
Fix CSS Settings in the Web that conflict with OEM packages
The language Settings are stored on the device, and it is no longer entirely dependent on cookies
The button function can be turned off
Fixed an ENC1 Plus reset issue
Fixed a few cases where the page did not have a preview
Fixed probability packet loss at high bit rate in RTSP protocol
3520D Solves the problem of abnormal HDMI input resolution or audio frequency in some cases of the 1029 version
3531D Solves the problem that OLED programs cause excessive CPU usage
Resolved an issue that could cause the HDMI output resolution to decrease when the device is repeatedly rebooted in the 1029 version

2020-08-23(Restorer system)

Network live stream input synchronous mode, which can be manually set buffer time
Audio gain can be applied simultaneously to HDMI, SDI, LINE and MIX
Serial port pass-through support set IP, can realize the application of group to pass-through
Add video mix up and down split screen layout, suitable for mobile phone vertical screen live with goods scene
Support to turn off video encoding to achieve a separate audio stream
Optimize the recording management interface
Added SRT encryption options
Support rotation of interlaced video
Add common USB serial port driver
Added H5 player page
New growth press DHCP function immediately
Added network test function
Optimize ultra-high bit rate send and receive compatibility
Optimize the timestamp interval
Fixed YouTube audio compatibility
Fixed RTMP to RTMP issue
Fixed RTMP carrying frame rate information


Modified the SRT interface
Added WiFi module support
Fixed Overlay exceptions