2023-10-31(Restorer system)

Added frame synchronization Settings on the coding Settings page

Multi-platform live broadcast page, new push compatibility Settings, compatible with h265 encoding to youtube push

Optimize the NTP synchronization function

Optimized audio only network stream coding logic

System bottom optimization

2023-09-28(Restorer system)

Optimized coding logic for live streams without audio
Optimized audio free USB camera coding logic
Optimize device NDI encoding frame rate
Fixed ENC2V2 is not recognized when using a USB NIC
Fixed a watermark scaling issue caused by pulling down low resolution streams and switching between NOSIGNAL screens

2023-08-31(Restorer system)

Fixed the http interface to get/set watermark exception
Fixed an issue where srt output latency could not be greater than 1000
Optimized 4K output image quality for ENC1V3 and ENCSHV2 models
ENC1V3, ENC-Plus2, ENC5V2 models, HDMI output added horizontal mirroring function
Added Rtty access mode to the Remote Access page in Advanced Settings
System bottom optimization

2023-05-31(Restorer system)

Added the function of periodically enabling or disabling stream pushing
Optimize Onvif PTZ function for some models
Optimize integrated communication capabilities
Optimize device memory usage
Adjust the port status display logic on the home page
Fixed roi setting feature
Fixed an issue where the push duration was incorrectly displayed when the system time was changed after the push duration was enabled
Fixed an ENC1 button failure problem
Support the new Internet-based wechat mini program, no longer rely on LAN, really do anytime, anywhere view

2023-04-26(Restorer system)

Fixed buffer control for B-frame decoding
Reduced cpu usage for MP3 encoding
Supports the latest insta360Link firmware
Fixed an exception to the network flow overlay effect in individual cases
Fixed abnormal display of decoded illustrations when zooming, rotating, etc
Fixed abnormal network flow rotation on some models
Solve the problem of srt resolving ipv6 domain names
Replace the upgrade package or resource upload component
Video carousel support decoding, recoding (that is, U disk playback, push stream)
The lab added a new matting function, that is, green screen matting

2023-03-22(Restorer system)

Running status page, fixed the problem of network status up-down display
On the coding setting page, under the video parameter module, the video network stream clipping rotation function is added, and the NTSC compatible frame rate mode is added to the HDMI/SDI channel
Under the audio parameter module, the audio source selection supports the selection of audio from other video channels
On the output setting page, add the main stream/secondary stream address (identification) user-defined function under the playback address module
Added the functions of exporting and importing configuration files in batches and selecting a time zone on the System Settings page
Multi-platform live page, new main stream/auxiliary stream selection function
By default, the nosignal screen function is displayed when network traffic has nosignal. You can enable/disable this function on the fac.php page
Fixed incorrect translation of some pages and optimized other features
New lab module in menu bar, including GB28181 support, ROI interest coding area, Insta360 camera control, Onvif PTZ control, audio and video synchronization adjustment function
PS: The laboratory module is an experimental function, please use it as appropriate

2022-11-16(Restorer system)

Added the online detection and upgrade function
Added firmware online search function
rtsp output stream, added the account password authentication function
The USB flash drive assistant function is added under the extension function
Compatible with video stream decoding including B frames
Fixed Abnormal network status when using wifi NIC
Optimize the function of the intercom
H5 player page added h265 encoding playback support (Playing h265 encoding video streams requires high performance on the computer, in case of playback lag, please replace the computer with a better performance)
ENC1, ENC1V2, and ENC1 Plus models support wifi6 NIC 2.0

2022-07-05(Restorer system)

Fix the audio collection exception when the USB camera is used and the system restarts the device.
After the USB camera is inserted and removed, the USB camera audio cannot be collected
Increase of Encoder program file handles caused by optimizing invalid SRT streams
Fixed custom layout manager loading exception
Added HTTP API interfaces to all models and optimized HTTP API URL matching rules
Change the login box to horizontal and vertical center, remove the fill color when the input box automatically fills in the password
Fix the fault that multiple network adapters fail to obtain the network status
The intercom function of ENC1, ENC1V2 and ENC1Plus models is changed to speak by pressing the button
Fixed an issue with group setting secondary flow

2022-04-24(Restorer system)

Upgrade NDI5(for NDI4 users who have purchased authorization, you need to contact customer service to change the authorization code)
Added the HTTP-API interface