ENC2 Pro 4K H 265 HEVC hardware encoder and ENC video codec support 4K 60fps important for live football and game live streaming

ENC2 Pro H 265 4K 60fps HEVC hardware encoder is special in that they support two coding algorithm standards h 265 and h. 264,The creative full frame rate of 60fps deinterlacing technology is particularly important for live football and game live streaming broadcast.



    What is HEVC?

    HEVC, also known as H 265, is a next-generation compression standard that offers a number of enhancements over H.264. Compared to AVC (H.264) compression, HEVC is two times more efficient, which translates into maintaining the same video quality at half the bitrate or double the video quality at the same bitrate.

    In summary, H 265 will save you on bandwidth overhead and cost, especially if you’re transmitting over cellular networks.

    Explain the importance of encoder in IPTV solution, the core of streaming video and audio encoders is to provide high quality and stable live streaming, then send it to the streaming service for distribution, and finally the client accesses the streaming server to watch the program. Because it is a very important source in the whole scheme, it is necessary to analyze the streaming media video and audio encoders.

    1.Hardware 4K H 265 HEVC hardware encoder use independent SOC chips to encode and push video and audio signals, the ENC2 pro video codec encoding algorithm is used to transmit it to the network in the form of network packets. Since it only focuses on one thing, it is stable and has very low power consumption. As for video and audio quality, it mainly focuses on encoder main chip provider, please check Chip algorithm evaluation. (I recommend ENC2 pro video codec,As shown in figure 3.1)

    2.The software encoder adopts the combination of video and audio acquisition card and computer, video and audio signals are encoded and pushed by computer software. 10 years ago, our client would build such a system, but now it is basically on the verge of obsoletion. The advantage of this system is that video has good quality with low code rate and flexible extension function, but running on high code rate or H 265 coding algorithm requires a lot of computer configuration requirements, and it is very unstable to use Windows operating system at the same time.(As shown in figure 3.2)

    ENC2 Pro 4K H 265 HEVC hardware encoder which is studied, developed and manufactured independently by JLONvision is a 2 channel of 4K 60fps embedded video and audio hardware encoder,It is also a 1 channel decoder and can be converted into a 4 channel IP transcoder(As shown in figure 3.3). It applies H 265 and H.264 encoding standard (this standard is a digital video encoding standard made out by TTU-T and ISO). With this encoding standard,it can encode 2 channels of 4K 60fps H 265 video and stereo audio simultaneously. It is inserted with DE-interlacing scanning algorithm, which makes video quality reach the best level. Compared with the present widely used H.264 encoding algorithm, ENC video hardware codec can save 30-50% of transmission bandwidth and storage space at the same video quality. It has the advantages of supporting international standards, high performance, flexible configuration and strong scalability. The creative full frame rate of 60fps deinterlacing technology is particularly important for live football and game live streaming broadcast.


    ENC2 Pro 4k H 265 hevc hardware Encoder applies mini design is easy to carry, embedded OS(embedded operating system), supports 7×24 hours non-stopping work. Its platform is based on B,S configuration structure,management and configuration are done by this web-page in the long –distance without being supervised by human.

    ENC2 Pro HEVC hardware Encoder h 265 and h.264 of video encoding formats are supported, Supported audio encoding formats are AAC, MP3, PCMA,MPEG-2 etc, Support live stream protocol HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTMP of flow push, RTMP pull flow, UDP, Multicast network protocol etc. And the one same channel can enable all network streams at the same time.

    ENC2 Pro H 265 HEVC hardware encoder Support timing recording and network storage,ENC2 pro 4K HEVC hardware encoder supports 8 channel real-time transcoding function.

    Technical Features

    • Embedded HEVC hardware encoder
    • H 265 Main profile,H.264 Hight profile
    • Video input format  4K 60P,1080P,720P,D1
    • Support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
    • Audio output format AAC,MP3,PCMA,MPEG-2
    • Resolution-4K 60fps(3840*2160),1080P,720P,360P,3392×2008,2560×1440,2304×1296,2048×1080,1680×1056,1024×576,850×480,720×576,720×480,640×480,360×240
    • Support one or multi – channel mixed video, so as to achieve the signal source monitoring function.
    • Support CBR,VBR,AVBR
    • Highest code rate 200Mbps
    • Automatic scene change detection technology, improve the coding effect
    • Every channel is inserted with de-interlacing scanning algorithm
    • ENC2 Pro video codec can use space pre-treatment and block filtering technology for moving scenes
    • ENC2 Pro 4K H 265 HEVC hardware encoder hardware encoder can do the recording duringthe set time and save the recorded files in the networks
    • With dongle function, Monitor safe operation
    • Support a variety of common platforms at home and abroad such as wowza, FMS, youtube,facebook,NJ and so on

    Topology diagram of the overall scheme


    Product Advantages

    • SOC chip is even more powerful
    • Mini design is easy to carry
    • 2*4K 60fps of image effect is more exquisite
    • Strong system stability
    • Low cost of maintenance
    • 7×24 non-stoping work
    • Multi-media platforms

    ENC2 Pro 4k hevc hardware encoder Software configuration picture

     ENC2 Pro 4k hevc hardware encoder Technical Specification Table

    Product Parameter
    Key Performance CPU-ARM Cortex A73 Dual@ 1.6GHz

    ARM Cortex A53 Dual@ 1.2GHz

    ARM Cortex A53 Single@ 1.2GHz

    Internal storage-4GB DDR4L

    Flash-8GB eMMC

    Video parameter Input interface-2xHDMI 2.0

    Resolution support-4K 60fps(3840*2160),1080P,720P,360P,3392×2008,2560×1440,2304×1296,2048×1080,1680×1056,


    Coded format-H.264 Baseline profile
    H.264 Main profile
    H.264 High profile
    H 265 Main profile

    H 265 Main 10 profile
    MJPEG,JPEG Baseline

    Coding resolution-4K 60fps(3840*2160),1080P,720P,360P,3392×2008,2560×1440,2304×1296,2048×1080,1680×1056,1024×576,850×480,


    Sub 1080P,720P,360P…

    Frame rate 1-60 fps adjustable

    Multiple reference frame-SmartP,DualP

    Maximum rate-200Mbps

    Rate control -CBR,VBR,AVBR

    Audio parameters Input interface-HDMI 2.0

    Sampling rate-48K,44.1K,32K,16K,8K

    Coded format-AAC,MP3,MPEG2,PMCA

    Network Parameters Lan interface-10M,100M,1000M RJ45

    Wireless interface-Optional dual frequency wifi module

    Transport protocols -RTSP,RTMP,HTTP,HLS,UDP,unicast,multicast

    Basic parameter Power supply -DC 12V 2A

    Power dissipation <8W

    Operating temperature 0-70℃

    Size 250*130*30(mm)

    File Storage Memory interface-TF Card

    Recording format-MP4,TS,FLV,MOV,MKV,AVI

    Software function  Basic function -WEB configuration,Parameter thermal update,Firmware upgrade,

    Network settings,Password management

    Special superposition-Logo,Watermark,subtitle,scrolling subtitle, Mosaic, timestamp

    Resource management -Customize font,upload watermark Logo picture

    Application Range

    • Network video and audio broadcast based on IP protocol.
    • Suitable for all kinds of video conference software developers, system developers to do the acquisition end
    • Suitable for educational network, campus network TV broadcast, multimedia classroom broadcast, multimedia conference broadcast, and enterprises and institutions internal conference broadcast and other occasions,
    • Live broadcast of stock appraisal in securities industry and stock market and remote training within enterprises
    • Applicable to video live broadcast business of government, media industry and other portal websites
    • Suitable for remote monitoring in public places and important monitoring areas
    • Suitable for remote monitoring of military exercises and two-way audio-visual communication

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