Multichannel video encoder streaming Model H1632 Multi-channel 1-32 Analog To H.264 Encoder With IP Out For Converting Hotels Schools Ends To IPTV

H1632 Multichannel video encoder which is studied, developed and manufactured independently by JLONvision is a 32 channel of 1080P H.264 embedded video and audio hardware encoder. It applies H.264 encoding standard. With this encoding standard,H1632 Multichannel video encoder Support 16 channel HDMI and 32ch CVBS input 16ch Line in (independent) audio.



    What is Multi-Channel Encoding?
    Multi-channel encoding refers to the ability to serve multiple simultaneous streams from captured video sources. This is most useful for making a media source available to many destinations for immediate consumption (live streaming) and later consumption (on-demand streaming). Multi-channel encoding deals with problems such as number of simultaneous viewers, types of viewing options (hardware vs. software, wireless devices, etc.), and recording options for on-demand streaming at a later time.

    While video production environment workflows often deal in uncompressed video to maintain quality throughout the editing process, most applications of multi-channel encoding deal with compressed video for facilities AV and for content distribution across multiple locations and through the public internet.

    Different ways to achieve multi-channel encoding
    There are multiple different workflows for creating multiple streams.

    Using a multi-channel encoder
    One way to generate multiple different streams is by using encoders that have the processing power and features to produce multiple streams directly from the encoder.

    The benefit of using a multi-channel encoder is that less hardware is required further down the pipeline. Configuration of the desired channels can be performed and tested locally. This type of encoder will often be more sophisticated, with more features and flexibility than cheaper encoders, and is often capable of higher quality video as well.

    Using a streaming media server
    Another way is to use streaming media servers, which usually means software running on dedicated appliances, PCs, or servers, that basically takes source streams as inputs and uses the processing power of the streaming media server to transcode and multiply the number of available streams. Some streaming media servers run on-premises. Some streaming media servers run in the cloud.

    There are many types of media servers. Some are for serving media content at home. Some are for performing transcoding operations for enterprise video distribution. Media servers are very useful to enhance the functionality of any type of encoder. However, they either require additional hardware (for on-premises media servers) or subscription to a service provider (for cloud-based servers), and sometimes both.

    While streaming media servers offer flexibility (especially for cloud-based services), they cannot improve the quality of the video that they receive. As such, if option A is to use a high-quality, multi-channel encoder streaming direct, and option B is to use a low-quality single-channel encoder in conjunction with a streaming media service the cost might come out to a similar level, or even slightly cheaper for option B, but the distributed video in option A is going to be far superior.

    But streaming media servers and multi-channel encoders are not mutually exclusive. For example, you might use a multi-channel encoder to provide multiple resolutions on a local network at an event, and use an additional channel from that multi-channel encoder to send a stream off-site to a streaming media server. Alternatively the multi-channel encoder can send one stream to a network attached storage (NAS) device and a second stream to a streaming media server. In both cases the multi-channel encoder is capable of meeting the local requirements and sending a high-quality video to the streaming media server for mass distribution.

    For more information on streaming media servers, please see Buyers’ Guide to Media Servers 2017.

    H1632 Multichannel video encoder which is studied, developed and manufactured independently by JLONvision is a 32 channel of 1080P H.264 embedded video and audio hardware encoder. It applies H 264 encoding standard (this standard is a digital video encoding standard made out by TTU-T and ISO). With this encoding standard,H1632 Multichannel video encoder Support 16 channel HDMI and 32ch CVBS input 16ch Line in (independent) audio. It is inserted with DE-interlacing scanning algorithm, which makes video quality reach the best level. Compared with the present widely used H 264 encoding algorithm.It has the advantages of supporting international standards, high performance, flexible configuration and strong scalability. It is suitable for radio&TV operators, telecommunications operators, governments of different levels, and school etc.

    H1632 Multichannel video encoder is embedded OS(embedded operating system), supports 7×24 hours non-stopping work. Its platform is based on BS configuration structure; management and configuration are done by this web-page in the long –distance without being supervised by human.

    H1632 H.264 Encoder supported audio encoding formats are AAC, MP3, G.711 etc, Support live stream protocol HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTMP of flow push, RTMP pull flow, UDP Multicast,ONVIF,HLS network protocol. And the one same channel can enable all network streams at the same time.

    Technical Features

    • The embedded hardware encoding
    • The standard 3U rack
    • Support multiple devices display on a computer at the same time
    • Support network directly connected, don’t need match HD collection card.
    • Rate Control CBR , VBR 16KBIT , S – 12MBIT , S
    • The network interface uses a 1000M full duplex mode
    • 16-channel HDMI interface input, 32-channel CVBS or BNC interface input (with BNC connector mounted switch CVBS), 48-channel audio interface 3.5MM independent input, Support audio gain ,be able to turn volume individually
    • Support for external independent audio input
    • Support up to 720P HD video input 1080P
    • Support RTSP,RTP,RTMP,HTTP,UDP unicast and multicast protocol (RTMP support adding users and changing passwords), Support DHCP,,ONVIF protocol, support HD Blue ray
    • Compatible with Wowza,FMS,RED5 streaming media server, work in with streaming media server to push the streaming , to achieve a live streaming
    • H1632 H.264 Encoder Support Main TS stream and the sub TS stream  use in different network protocols for transmission (Multi-rate multi-protocol support)
    • Video packaging A mode FFMPEG, B mode VLC
    • Supports streaming resolution output settings custom
    • Transmission TCP, UDP, 1000M (RJ45 Ethernet port duplex)
    • Support streaming adding watermark (OSD), XY axis, the font can be set
    • Transmission TCP, UDP, 1000M (RJ45 Duplex network port)
    • Support WEB access in Chinese,English, passwords changing, WAN remote management (WEB)
    • Support DHCP gaining IP automatic ,support One-key recovery, upgrade and remote maintenance
    • Image settings contrast ratio, brightness, tones, saturation, noise detection, sharpness, filtering
    • Support build-in or external methods , support left and right sound channel , Support audio gain ,be able to turn volume individually
    • Support coding without video signal
    • Complete the setting effect immediately, don’t need to restart
    • Support one-key recovery of the default configuration
    • Support set-top box decoder
    • The low power consumption design

    Topology diagram of the overall scheme

    Product model H1632 16-channel HD HDMI and 32-channel AHD CVBS encoder
    Input 16-channel HDMI input, 32 channel CVBS input, 48 channel 3.5 audio input
    Output 16 channel IP signal output,48 streaming output
    Video Input resolution 1920x1080p,1920x1080i,1280x720p,720*576i,720*576p ,640*480i

    And other conventional resolution

    Coding standard H.264
    Coding level H.264 BASELINE PROFILE



    Encoded size 640*360-1920*1080(Can customize)
    Video bit rate Rate control CBR,VBR 16KBIT,S-12MBIT,S
    Video frame rate 5-60 FPS
    OSD Text, images
    Audio Input selection 16 channel embedded audio hdmi, 32 channel CVBS ,48 channel 3.5MM independent audio
    Audio coding AAC,MP3, G.711
    Audio bit rate 64Kb,s-384Kb,s
    Sampling rate 32000,44100 etc


    16 RJ 100M , 1000M adaptive Ethernet port, TS stream standard, dual-stream, ONVIF protocol
    System Network protocol Supports HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF, UDP, multicast, unicast
    Configuration management Support IE configuration, remote upgrade
    The common use Power supply 220V-2A
    power consumption <100W
    Size 484mm * 365mm * 148mm(length*width*height)
    Operating temperature -20℃+ 60℃
    Working humidity <90%,Non-condensing
    Weight 7.5KG
    JLonvision reserves the right to adjust the product parameters, if you have any

    questions please contact us to check

    Application Range

    • Digital TV Broadcasting System / IPTV & OTT system / Internet TV / Digital Signage Project / Remote Video Conference
      Video Monitoring / Live Streaming / Digital TV Broadcasting System / Digital TV Programs Transmission
      Hotel IPTV System / Head-end system of Digital TV branch network / CATV Broadcasting system
      Edge side of Digital TV backbone network

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