1080P SDIx4 srt codec development board SS524 Hisilicon replaces HI3521D

4 SDI SS524 codec development board is a 4xSDI of 1080P and 1 channel VGA output h.265 Main profile embedded  hardware codec mainboard,It is also a 1 channel decoder and can be converted into a 4 channel IP transcoder. It applies H.265 and H 264 encoding standard (this standard is a digital video encoding standard made out by TTU-T and ISO). With this encoding standard,it can encode 4 channels of 1080P 30fps H.265 video and stereo audio simultaneously.


    4 SDI SS524 codec development board is a 4xSDI of 1080P and 1 channel VGA output h.265 Main profile embedded  hardware codec mainboard,It is also a 1 channel decoder and can be converted into a 4 channel IP transcoder. It applies H.265 and H 264 encoding standard (this standard is a digital video encoding standard made out by TTU-T and ISO). With this encoding standard,it can encode 4 channels of 1080P 30fps H.265 video and stereo audio simultaneously. It is inserted with DE-interlacing scanning algorithm, which makes video quality reach the best level. Compared with the present widely used H 264 encoding algorithm, ss524 codec development board can save 30-50% of transmission bandwidth and storage space at the same video quality. It has the advantages of supporting international standards, high performance, flexible configuration and strong scalability. It is suitable for radio&TV operators, telecommunications operators, governments of different levels, and school etc.

    4 SDI ss524 codec development board supported audio encoding formats are AAC, MP3, PCMA,MPEG-2 etc, Support live stream protocol NDI,SRT,NDI,HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTMPE,RTMP of flow push, RTMP pull flow, UDP, Multicast network protocol etc. And the one same channel can enable all network streams at the same time.

    ss524 SDI  codec development board  provide the Sample program and PQTools.

    Technical Features

    • Embedded hardware codec
    • H.265,H 264 Main profile
    • Video input format 4K 30fps(3840×2160),1080P,720P,1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280x1024x1024x768,800×600,640×480
    • Support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
    • Audio output format AAC,MP3,PCMA,MPEG-2
    • Resolution 4K 30fps(3840×2160),1080P,720P,1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280x1024x1024x768,800×600,640×480
    • Support one or multi – channel mixed video, so as to achieve the signal source monitoring function.
    • Support CBR,VBR,AVBR
    • Highest code rate 40Mbps
    • Automatic scene change detection technology, improve the coding effect
    • Every channel is inserted with de-interlacing scanning algorithm
    • SS524  can use space pre-treatment and block filtering technology for moving scenes
    • SS524 codec development board can do the recording duringthe set time and save the recorded files in the
    • With dongle function, Monitor safe operation
    • Support a variety of common platforms at home and abroad such as wowza, twich, youtube,facebook,NJ and so on

    Technical Specification Table

    Product Parameter
    Key Performance CPU ARM Cortex A7 quad-core@ 1.2GHz

    Internal storage 2GB DDR4

    Flash 8GB eMMC

    Video parameter Input interface 4x3G-SDI(1080P)

    Ouput interface 1x3G-SDI(1080P@60),1xVGA Fecture Connecter(1080P@60),1xCVBS

    Signal source resolution 1080P,720P,1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280x1024x1024x768,800×600,640×480

    Coding format  H.264 Baseline profile
    H 264 Main profile
    H 264 High profile
    H.265 Main profile
    MJPEG,JPEG Baseline

    Coding resolution 1080P,720P,1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280x1024x1024x768,800×600,640×480

    Frame rate 1-60 adjustable

    Decoding resolution 1080P,720P,1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280x1024x1024x768,800×600,640×480

    Multiple reference frame SmartP,DualP

    Maximum bitrate 20Mbps

    Bitrate control  CBR,VBR,AVBR

    Audio parameters Input interface SDI

    Sampling rate 48K,44.1K,32K,16K,8K

    Coded format AAC,MP3,MPEG2,PMCA,PMCU

    Network Parameters Lan interface 100M RJ45

    Transport protocols SRT,NDI,RTSP,RTMP,HTTP,HLS,UDP,unicast,multicast

    Basic parameter Data interface 2xUSB ,2xSATA

    Single Chip Microcomputer STM32F103RBT


    Power supply  DC-12V 5A

    Power dissipation <15W

    Operating temperature 0-70℃

    Size 175x125x5(mm LxWxH)

    Net weight 2.2KG

    Software function  Basic function  WEB configuration,Parameter thermal update,Firmware upgrade,Network settings,Password management

    Special superposition Logo,Watermark, subtitle, scrolling subtitle, Mosaic, timestamp

    Resource management  Customize font, upload watermark Logo picture

    PCB motherboard size

    PCB positioning diagram is included in the development materials, please take measurement as the standard

    SS524 codec development kit accessory list

    Sample tutorial

    Our team crafted a rich example of tutorials, they include the audio input and output, audio decoding, screenshots, streaming, recording, video mixing, special effects, USB camera, GPIO operation, power management, touch screen operation, OLED screen control example program, to help you solve to death to all the problems in the process of product development, and we also constantly update example libraries and tutorial content.


    To make it easier for customers to develop products in machine vision and AI, we developed the LinkSVP framework, which simplifies the application development process so developers can focus more on the core algorithm, and we created several sample programs to help users quickly use it.Even on solutions with NNIE units, we can run deep learning algorithms by providing acceleration tools for embedded optimization

    Development environment

    We have cross-compiled common third-party libraries and placed them in virtual machines for easy development and debugging.

    Development framework


    Media related




    Network related


    Graphic processing opencv,NCNN
    Other freetype,icu,libts,zlib,libxml…

    Open source code description

    In order to demonstrate the basic capabilities of the evaluation board and make it easy for users to fully evaluate the program before using the development program, we have developed an “encoder system” that can display all the interfaces of the customized development program and its encoding and decoding capabilities through the form of a visual and audio encoder.The product is completely open source, including the main program source code, file system, web source code and so on.

    If the user’s target product is similar to the open source product, it can be modified directly from the source code of the product.

    Open source function
    Running status

    -CPU performance, memory footprint, network status

    -Interface state, resolution detection

    -Video preview

    Encoding setting

    Encoding format – h. 264, h. 265,ACC,MP3,PCMA

    Resolution – 3840 x2160, 1920 x1080, 1280 x720, 640 x360

    Others – bit rate control, key frame interval, audio channel

    Note – all properties support dynamic modification and take effect in real time, no need to restart the device

    Output Settings

    Support the transport protocol – RTSP, RTMP, HLS, HTTP, ONVIF, unicast, multicast, pushing streams


    Network input – standard stream input is supported and can be streamed or recoded directly

    Overlay effects – captions, rolling captions, watermarks, tabletops, mosaics

    Screen mixed audio and video – multiple screen arbitrary layout Mosaic combination, and can be codec output, similar to the broadcast function Computer room monitoring: the camera is inserted through the USB port, which can encode and output live screen for monitoring the situation of the computer room. Meanwhile, it supports the dynamic alarm function.

    File recording – after the encoder is inserted into the usb flash disk, it can record the channel live stream into the file format and then save it to the usb flash disk.

    Video rotation – looping the video files on the usb flash drive and generating a live video stream.

    Group control – all video encoders can automatically group, and they can realize automatic device discovery, IP configuration, program summary and other functions. Any device in the LAN can serve as a media publishing server to provide concurrent live streaming.

    Development mode

    This product will be customized and developed directly using the official SDK, and the core hardware is fully compatible with it. You can directly use the official kernel, uboot, etc., without modifying any line of code.

    On top of that, Link provides a faster LinkSDK that not only makes learning easier, but also provides richer extension capabilities.

    Hisi SDK LinkSDK
    development language C C++,Javascrpit
    difficulties of thedevelopment difficult simple
    Driver support None Contains all common chip drivers
    memory management None support
    Thread management None automatic allocation
    data encapsulation None mp4,mkv,ts etc
    Streaming support None rtsp,rtmp,hls etc
    Mixing,The volume of statistical None support
    Echo Canceller Bad effect support , optimized

    REMARKS LinkSDK can be directly free commercial, no extra charge, can be customized according to customer demand new functional components.

    Purchase notes 

    Knowledge Preparation

    LinkSDK aims to lower the development threshold for embedded audio and video devices. However, before purchasing this product, you still need to have at least the following knowledge

    • Embedded basic concepts, such as uboot, kernel, file system
    • Linux basic operating commands
    • C++ or JavaScript, If you choose c++, you also need to understand the basic use of Qt
    • Basic streaming concepts

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