Multiple Push(At the same time push live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc)

The main interface

This page is used to publish the code stream of the same channel to multiple live broadcasting platforms in parallel, which is convenient for Internet celebrities to do synchronous video broadcasting on multiple platforms


A. When the live stream starts, you can preview the broadcast effect here.

B. Flv.js is used for HTML playback, for interested developers.

Basic setup

Video source: Select the video channel for the live stream

Audio source: Select the audio channel for the live stream

Autorun: after this function is enabled, every time the encoder is powered on, it will automatically try to start the push current.

Save: Saves the current Settings.

Start action bar

The left side shows the broadcast time

Push flow: Start push flow

Stop: Stop the push flow

Push flow Settings

Description: Enter any text to describe this channel. You are advised to enter the platform name.  

URL: Fill in the URL provided by the live broadcast platform (generally consisting of address + stream code). For specific reference (How to set ENC H.264 Encoder for Youtube Live streaming)  

Enable: Indicates whether to enable the channel when the stream is pushed.  

Delete: Deletes the current push channel.  

Add: Added a new push channel.  

Speed: current transmission rate of pusher channel.  

For the use case of multi-platform live streaming, please refer to the blog “Video codec applied to Facebook Go live setup tutorial” on the official website