Group config(The group function automatically discovers all video codec devices in the LAN and implements management or modification of basic parameters.)

Main interface

For group encoding parameters and network protocol Settings, see Encoding Settings and Output Settings. Encoders in the same group will appear in the group setting list. Users can select any encoder in the group to set network parameters and restart operations. They can also sum up all channel tables with the same group ID and then synchronize them to the same group. Encoders of different IP segments can also be set to the same group. Group video encoders only need to be in the same LAN, not the same IP segment, and can be operated even if IP conflicts occur (one of the encoders of other manufacturers should be shut down before a new IP can be set. However, our encoder has no such concerns, using the group function to easily detect IP conflicts, and then change the conflicting IP)

Network config

Group Channel collect

Group config sync