Video carousel(Usb disk video file loop output live stream Settings)

Note:It is an experimental feature, intended only for developers to learn, and cannot be guaranteed to be used in all scenarios.This function is used for the U disk (FAT32 format) in one or more video files (English name), cyclic streaming output (no decoding, no encoding, just unpacking streaming output).

Set the method

Connect the USB flash drive and ensure that the streaming media files on the USB flash drive are in the root directory. The selected files play output live streams in turn. After all the files are played, they start again (that is, play in a loop). This function only reads the streaming media file of THE U disk, and then outputs it in the way of network broadcast. The video encoding format of the streaming media file must be H264/H265, and the audio encoding format must be AAC, MP3, MP2, or PCMA.