ROI—–Region of interest coding

This function can be used to improve the coding quality of key areas and subjective visual perception at low bit rates.

Only one area of interest is supported on the interface, and developers can try to do up to eight areas of interest.

As with the “Overlay Effects” page, you need to select the appropriate channel at the top of the preview screen before setting the parameters.

On or off: Enables or disables the ROI function

Absolute QP: Enable or disable absolute QP. For details, see the following QP parameter description

QP: When absolute QP is turned on, the encoding QP of the selected area is constant QP; When absolute QP is turned off, the encoding QP of the selected area is the current QP+ set QP, so setting a negative number can improve the encoding quality of the selection, and vice versa.

Background frame rate: -1 indicates that part of the frame rate outside the selection does not change. If the value is greater than 0, the background frame rate is set.

Note that the preview screen is only used to help delimit the selection, and changes in coding quality and frame rate will not be reflected in the preview image.