GB28181 monitoring protocol


A. The function is still improving, and at present, only LiveGBS and Hikvision ISC platforms have been tested

Server settings

Enable: Indicates the main switch of this function. If this function is not enabled, it does not consume performance

Manufacturer name: Manufacture field in GB28181

Device model: corresponds to the Mode field in the GB28181 protocol

Local ID: indicates the ID of the local SIP

Server ID: indicates the SIP ID of the server

Server domain: Server SIP domain

Server IP: indicates the server IP address

Server port: Server SIP port (UDP)

Password: SIP authentication password of the server

Channel settings

Channel name: The channel name displayed in the national platform system. You can set any parameter

Channel ID: Channel ID displayed on the GB platform. Set according to the platform rules

Enable: Whether to register the channel with the national standard platform